Started playing guitar when I was 15-16 yrs. of age (self taught), influenced by Country Music and early Elvis Presley, before the Hound Dog stuff. Started a Rock-a-Billy, Country combo with High School chums and played local dances, and when of age, played in lounges and ski resort hotels. Served in Armed Forces Reserve for a number of years and in the mid 60's became a Police Officer, serving for 30 yrs. During this time, never touched my guitars, but did become a piper in a competition Police Pipe band. After retirement from the Police Force, I took up playing guitar again and now play weekly gigs with one of my sons who hosts Open Mic evenings in a local sports bar. I still prefer Real country music and that's what I play. Over the past 5 years, I've enjoyed annual reunions with my high school band mates and we play the 'old stuff' from the 50's at a large July 1st Rib Fest week-end event. My guitar collection includes: 1960 Gretsch Duo-Jet (I'm the original owner) 1962 Gibson J-45 Adj. ( acquired in 1964) Later year guitars are: Fender Telecaster modified with a Bigsby vibrato. Gretsch G6119-FT1962 Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose Norman B-20 Dreadnaught acoustic Gretsch G-5034 NAT Dreadnaught acoustic Yamaha acoustic
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